Claiming the Prints

cover for Claiming the Prints

Caty Jen, an aspiring photographer, is forced to work at a family photography studio to pay her rent when she would much rather be running her own business and taking the pictures she really wants to take.

Christophe “Val” Vallien is a hot-headed werewolf with daddy issues. When his father’s pack comes under the threat of rebellion, he is thrown into action by his father’s hand. It becomes his responsibility to save his father’s pack and, indirectly, his father’s life. Unfortunately, his issues with his father have him on the outskirts of the pack.

In order to get back in with them, he offers them a deal they can’t refuse. A contest. The first one to a predetermined running ground gets to lead the full-moon rite. His journey takes him to a new place where he stumbles across a woman like none he had ever met – Caty.

Val, while trying to gather information to help stifle a revolution in the pack, falls in love with Caty and tries to show her that love is real.

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