Ball Gowns or Blue Jeans

Raleigh “Lee” Finch hasn’t seen his brother Cliffe since shortly after the death of their parents. When Cliffe comes calling to make things right, Lee’s life suddenly starts spinning off it’s axis. There to help him right it is Cody Marsters. Unfortunately, she is the assistant to his current girlfriend, Savannah. Cody pulls the rose-colored… Continue reading Ball Gowns or Blue Jeans

Pre/Teen Angst: Vol. 1

From the first poem she ever wrote at the age of thirteen through the age of fourteen.

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Deep Waters

Originally part of the Dark Hollow Lake anthology. He swore he would never set foot in that godforsaken town again. It held nothing but bad memories for Waylon Carter. But now that his sister is pregnant, he can’t afford to stay away. The lowlife who knocked her up was in prison for knocking her around… Continue reading Deep Waters

aesthetic: poems

a book of poetry about the lovely types of people out there in the world and the aesthetic they give off.

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Tangled Rhythm: An Anthology

From small pool halls to sold out crowds, these musicians know the perfect notes to play. Their tunes can bring you to your feet or drop you to your knees.Music is why hearts have beats. (A collaboration for charity)