Waited for You

Elion has been dreaming about him for years, her mystery man. On her eighteenth birthday, she takes off on a road trip to explore her independence. After a couple of incidents, she finally crosses paths with him, her dream man. Jonah has been waiting for his soulmate for a very long time. So, when he… Continue reading Waited for You

Not Afraid to Fight

Alma Harcourt sold her soul the night her husband was murdered by his brother as he returned home from the Civil War. In her husband’s memory, she has fought in every war since—doing everything she can to save as many lives as possible. When Eadric comes knocking on her door asking for help, she can’t… Continue reading Not Afraid to Fight


Josef Bishop is finally happy. He has his soulmate, and she is everything he could ever need. The only problem: the Soulless are still out there trying to terminate them. After heading out on a tip, Josef finds himself kidnapped along with a young woman, and they are locked away with the threat of death… Continue reading Captured

Afraid to Fall

A thousand years he’s waited to have her back in his life—his one true love, his soul mate. He felt it the second she came back into the world. He had to protect her, even if it meant staying away. On the night of her twenty-first birthday, Eadric Bishop is forced to intervene when a… Continue reading Afraid to Fall