Heart Beat

Memphis has always been obsessed with drummers. The current object of her affection is Cohen, the drummer from her favorite local band, Supernova Nights. When a freak accident throws her right into his path, sparks fly. Can he keep the rhythm of her heartbeat? Previously featured in the Tangled Rhythm anthology, now out of publication.

Someone Watching Over Me

On the way to pick up her daughter from school, Georgia Smith gets into an accident. Barely conscious and hanging on by a thread, she is visited by a spirit desperate to keep her alive.

For Love or Comfort

Miss Christianna Balfour has been dreaming about love for as long as her mother has been chiding her about finding a man with a good fortune. While her Mrs. Balfour dreams of wealth and comfort for her daughter, Christianna’s only desire is love. When Mr. Ephraim Stone waltzes into their little town with his dark… Continue reading For Love or Comfort

Bluebonnet: A Romance Anthology for Uvalde

Bluebonnet is a romance anthology with short stories from over fifty romance authors. All of the money raised from the sale of this anthology will be donated to the Robb Elementary School victims’ families. Bluebonnet will include short stories from Cady Verdiramo, Dee Lagasse, Victoria Ellis and… Heidi McLaughlin, Cali Melle, L.S. Pullen, Scarlett Cole,… Continue reading Bluebonnet: A Romance Anthology for Uvalde

Deep Waters

Originally part of the Dark Hollow Lake anthology. He swore he would never set foot in that godforsaken town again. It held nothing but bad memories for Waylon Carter. But now that his sister is pregnant, he can’t afford to stay away. The lowlife who knocked her up was in prison for knocking her around… Continue reading Deep Waters

Tangled Rhythm: An Anthology

From small pool halls to sold out crowds, these musicians know the perfect notes to play. Their tunes can bring you to your feet or drop you to your knees.Music is why hearts have beats. (A collaboration for charity)

The Wedding Fake

Two years ago on the morning of her wedding, Amee Kline found her maid of honor in bed with her fiance. Now, she is a bridesmaid at their wedding. She wanted to turn down the offer, but she couldn’t bear the idea of them thinking they had ruined her life–even though they had. To save… Continue reading The Wedding Fake

The Sins of My Mother

“I hate mermaids.” Ula has been paying for her mother’s mistakes ever since she was born until the day she’s decided she’s had enough. Just as she finds the perfect way to escape from her problems, a merman swims into her life. He’s the first being to care about her, but it’s way too late.… Continue reading The Sins of My Mother