• Total Fireworks

    Total Fireworks

    As the night sky lights up with a dazzling display of fireworks, these stories of unexpected encounters, fiery connections, and smoldering attractions come together to create an unforgettable anthology of summer love.

    From sweet and tender moments to passionate fireworks that will set your soul ablaze, these stories capture the essence of summer romance.

    Join these Authors as they weave their tales of summer passion and feel the sparks fly off the page!

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    Authors in this Anthology:
    Brigitte Ann Thomas
    Vic Leigh
    Katherine Moore
    M Leigh Morhaime
    Rae Goldman
    Leanora Cowan
    Rose Bak
    Cecelia Conway
    Becca Turner
    Sofia Aves
    Britney Bell
    E.S. McMillan

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