A Taste of You: An Anthology

Three delicious and decadent stories are ready for you to devour.

Yes, Chef

By: Brigitte Ann Thomas

Ripley Hall is a chef on the rise who just took a sous chef position for the one-and-only Cyprian Huxley, famous restauranteur. He also happens to be her long time boyfriend. He’s ready to announce it to the world. Ripley? Not so much. She doesn’t need anyone thinking she got the job based on her connections. It’s hard enough being a female chef. But Cyprian doesn’t seem to understand.

Will Ripley get a chance to prove herself or will Cyprian accidentally blow her cover?

Three Course Love

By: M. Leigh Morhaime

Ever since Beckette was young, she only ever wanted to be one thing. A Chef. And she’s worked hard to get there. But there have been enough bumps, burns, and bruises along the way—both physically and emotionally.

After having her heart and soul crushed by the one that she trusted most, she finally picked up the pieces and joined her best friend’s restaurant. It wasn’t going to be easy. These cooks were not ready to respect a woman telling them what to do. But Beckette was strong enough to handle them.

But she wasn’t sure she was strong enough to handle Cain Hughes, her new sous chef. He came in, dazzling her with not only his expertise but his respect for her. So, she does the only thing she can think to protect herself. She builds a brick wall between herself and him.

But that wall can’t last forever. She has to heal someday. And she has to let herself love again. After all, it is the holiday season.

Can Cain help Beck finally have it all?

Or will they both get burned?

Christmas Sweets

By: Shannon O’Connor

If there’s one thing you should know about Lauren is she hates the holiday season almost as much as she loves baking. She owns and runs her own bakery, she doesn’t have time for Holiday nonsense or relationships.

If there’s two things you should know about Charlie are she loves Christmas and she’s a walking cliché. So what happens when Charlie walks into Lauren’s bakery and sparks fly? Charlie challenges Lauren to believe in the magic of Christmas with her, and surprisingly (even to herself) Lauren agrees.

Could this be the work of a Christmas Cupid or will this holiday romance fizzle out before the cakes are done baking?

All of the stories featured in the ‘A Taste of You’ Anthology are meant to be read as complete standalones and are not continuations of each other, although several characters are seen throughout each story.