Barbecue and Blue Jeans

Caroline Faye Wright is a twenty-nine-year-old bank teller with abandonment issues, a stubborn will, and a soft spot for doing what people ask of her. When her family farm fell into the less than capable hands of her father after losing both of her grandparents in the span of a year, Caroline gave up graduate school to come back home and help her father out with the farm.

That was six years ago. Now, she splits her time between the farm and her job one town over. Not the fulfilling career she thought she would have. So when her boyfriend of five years cheats on her, she decides that she is through – through giving all of herself to anyone when all she gets in return is crap. That is, until she meets Eliot James. He is sex on a stick, and she can’t help but fall.

This cowboy is too good to be true. In traditional form, her self-deprecating, self-destructive ways get between her and what could be the best thing to ever happen to her. If she can’t get to the root of the problem and deal with the issues getting in her way, she may lose him forever, and that is the last thing she wants.

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